Why simple is healthy and good

Imagine a society / community like a body, and each family unit is a cell of that body. When /if each cell is healthy, you have a healthy body. Nature is a magical thing. The body itself also has an immune system. The system has its own way of fighting unhealthy virus and keep the body healthy. Very simple mechanism. Sometimes some cells got sick. If we interject medication right away, very likely the medication will cause side affects and affect other otherwise healthy cells. As a result, you need more medication to cure the side affects and eventually it becomes a vicious circle. In the end, none of the cells are good, the body will be rotten and dead eventually.

It’s the same logic for human society / country. When I was young, I lived in the same house with grandparents, parents and my brother. My grandpa made sure all the people in the family worked hard, respected seniors and others, and honoured the family name in every possible way. All the families I knew back then lived by similar rules. As a result, we didn’t have regulations on how we should / or not talk to other kids at school and how the family estate would be divided among the surviving members in the family. As a matter of fact, we never knew if there was a lawyer in the town. Yet there was no stealing, stabbing or ugly court cases for domestic disputes. Every family looked after their own matters and the society was operating on that premise.

It’s not the case today. Everything is quite opposite actually. There are regulations on how you should talk to your kids (otherwise they can call cops on you), estate distribution (yes you need a will notarized by a lawyer and court still can overrule your will), hours you can work, money you should get paid by your employer regardless of your contribution to the business, how divorced couple should arrange their financials and time with their kids, on and on. No wonder lawyers are so busy and the courts are hiring more judges because of backlog of legal cases. Yet, our society is not getting better. Crime rate is sky-rocking, teenager problems are getting worse, and the hatred attitude towards everything is so prevailing that you don’t want to go out of your house to interact with other human beings.

It’s a vicious circle going on. And we don’t want to take it any longer. We want to go back to where we started as a human society.  A much simpler society based on self-govern mentality.

We know we can’t change the world. But we know what life could be. A simple healthy life at Sensato Living. For people who share the same vision. For people who take pride in their own family name and their own identify.

Live a simple life. Sensato Living is awaiting. Our little utopia.

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