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Monday at Sensato Living

8 family gated community

A house is more than just the # of bedroom or bathroom.
It's the view from your window,
it's the space you value,
it's the fresh air you breath,
it's the financial you can afford, and last but not least,
its the neighbor you enjoy having around and can count on when needed.
That is what has been guiding Sensato Living, and what has become Sensato Living.
In Spanish, Sensato means simple and sensible living. And we believe good things are simple.
We are happy to report that all the existing members of this little 8 family gated community are some of the finest people you could ever encounter.
No HOA, No BS, everything is straight up and simple.
And we are making this little community better and better everyday.

Why do we do this?

We built our General Contracting Business in Canada but in our 50s, we wanted something different: 1. Warm weather; 2. low cost of living; 3. Fresh food


Say "byebye" to snow

From -30C to +30C every day

 No more cold!


Fresh Food

Home grown fruit.

Natural is good!


Gated Community

Gated community with No HOA.

Low property taxes - $4,000 pesos a year!

Next Steps...

Contact us, we can make the process easy and walk you through home ownership in Mexico with a Notario.