Live a simple life!

Sensato Living has everything you want: Caribbean life style, contemporary living space, pleasant weather all year around, low cost of living, and world class affordable health care in Mexico.

Surrounded by boutique B&B, organic yoga studio, and gourmet restaurants, Sensato living welcomes smart people who is interested in retiring early, enjoying their life in a warm climate, and exploring unlimited business possibilities in the community.



Low Cost of Living

Priced at $189,900 USD for the 2 bedroom 2 bathroom house on a titled and fenced land. Solar power means  you have no electricity bill!

Great investment

Entirely off grid living without any bills other than $110 USD a year property taxes, you have all the comfort of modern living.

Lush space

Located in the world famous eco-friendly Akumal, Mexico, 10 minutes away from Tulum and 30 minutes away from Playa del Carmen, Surrounded by ravish tropical fruit trees and plants, you will enjoy a modern living in a lush tropical space in Caribbean.